CZ Master Set


H 910 - H 911 - H 912


ELLIN'S Master Set

ELLIN’S: the best quality available in the market

* With elegant carrying case
* Available in 10 stones set or 5 stones set
* Hand-graded CZ only against GIA diamond masters
* Every stone falls within the first half of each specified color grade
* Color is extremely stable: 5 years warranty against color change
* Each CZ stone is equivalent in size to a 0.80ct ~ 1.00ct diamond
* Exact carat weight for each grade is on the back of the box
* No two adjacent color grades have the exact same weight

H 909 - H 904 - H 902


Master Set

Available in one carat size or half a carat size. Set of 10 stones, colors EFGHIJKLMN (or 5 alternate stones, colors EGIKM).

Each stone with color inscription. (item H902 has no color inscription and comes with certificate)

Unique grading display/container with removable lid made with colour grading approved white acrylite.

H 909 - 10 stones, 1/2ct, colours E-N

H 904 - 10 stones, 1ct, colours E-N

H 902 - 5 stones 1ct, colours EGIKM