Pocket Scales


B 1003

Tanita 1479Z 200g x 0.1g

Capacity 200g. Accuracy 0.1g.

The 1479Z has four modes of operation: gram, ounce, troy ounce and penny weight.

With its 200g capacity, this low profile design sets a new standard in the mini scale industry.

B 1017

Tanita 1579 200g x 0.01g

Capacity 200g. Accuracy 0.01g.

Multiple units of measurements with back light (black letters).

Auto power off.

B 1002

Tanita 1479V 120g x 0.1g

Capacity 120g. Accuracy 0.1g.

Dimensions: 156x76x165mm

Weight: 166g

B 1029

Tanita 1479S 300g x 0.1

Capacity 300g. Accuracy 0.1g.

Light weight with protection cover.

Black color.

Units: grams, ounce, troy ounce, penny weight.

Low battery indicator.

Auto off feature.

Tare function.

B 1060

Tangent KP103 120g x 0.1g

Dimension: 113x90x21mm

B 1061

Tangent KP104 200g x 0.1g

Dimension: 135X60X19mm

B 1062

Tangent KP104 300g x 0.1g

Dimension: 135X60X19mm

B 2002 - B 2000

Model Pocket Scale Pro

B 2002 - 200 200g x 0,01g

B 2000 - 500 500g x 0,01g

Compact and nice design scale with retractable display.

Units of measurement: gram, carat, OZ.