Working Microscopes


H 1470


Microscope Observer Pro

Heavy base and long arm allow a wide working space.

Stereo zoom magnification from 7x to 40x (comes with 10x optical lenses).

It is possible to increase the magnifications to 14x/80x with the auxiliary objective 2x.


H 1470A - Auxiliary objective 2x

H 1471


Microscope Observer Pro2

Optimal working conditions thanks to the heavy base and adjustable arms.

Stereo zoom magnification from 7x to 45x (comes with 10x optical lenses).

Is possible to increase the magnification to 14x/90x with the auxiliary objectives 2x

H 1471A - Auxiliary objective 2x

H 1476


LCD Zoom microscope

LCD monitor:
* size: 8 inches
* resolution: 580x580

* zoom body: 0.7x~7.5x

* LED ring light (optional)
* power supply: AC 220V 50/60Hz